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What is happening in February? Pet Dental Health Month, Doggy Date Night & Valentines Day.

February is an important month for pet owners, firstly because it is Pet Dental Health month. Pet Dental Health is just as important as any other aspect of caring for a pet. Dental care with dogs can be just as crucial as dental care for humans and neglecting it can result in a variety of issues from bad health to gum disease.

But did you know CBD products could help with your dogs dental hygiene? CBD has been known to help reduce inflammation, gum disease and even gingivitis. As well as this it could help eliminate infection and soothe tooth pain. It could even help to calm your furry friend during dental treatments.

Also, February 3rd is Doggy Date Night. It is a chance for owners to have a fun filled day with their dogs! Take them on a walk to their favourite place, play their favourite games and treat them plenty! And what better treat than one of our wide variety of our CBD Infused products?

Also just around the corner is another great chance to spoil your canine, Valentine's day is on the 14th of February. Yet another opportunity to treat your dog to one of our products. CBD has been known to benefit your dog in a variety of ways, from helping with their physical health and their dental hygiene, to their mental health by helping reduce stress and anxiety.

As always, make sure you check with your vet when considering CBD products to ensure they are suitable for your dog before purchasing. Once you have the assurance you need, go ahead and choose from our range of cruelty free products to spoil your pooch for doggy date night and Valentine's Day.


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