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December Blog 1

December brings about multiple important dates for the well-being of our furry friends.

The 5th of December is International Volunteer Day. On this day we celebrate the many brave dogs who provide crucial help in many roles such as guide dogs or police dogs. But these important jobs can be demanding and can take a toll on their well-being, especially their mental health. At Infused Pawfection we believe that the health of dogs, mental and physical, should be every dog owner's priority and our CBD infused products reflect that. CBD could be used to help reduce stress and anxiety in animals which is particularly useful for dogs in Volunteer services whether they be retired or still active.

Also in December on the 9th is the International Day of Veternary Medicine. It is extremely important work that veterinarians do for our pets, however it can get complicated navigating all the medication that can be needed for a dog, whether that be to soothe anxiety, to help with dietary problems or to help make their coat healthier, which is especially important in this much colder weather. But our CBD products could help with that!

CBD oils have been known to be a viable alternative to mediciation and can help with a range of issues such as the ones listed above. Of course do check with your Vet first to ensure that CBD products are suitable for your dog but once you have the green light check out our website and choose from our wide range of cruelty free products. And what better time to treat your dog than with Christmas approaching?



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