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October Blog

October is upon us and that means colder weather and leaves falling, but it also means more common thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms could be extremely frightening for our furry friends. They can cause stress, anxiety and panic. Even more so in animals already suffering with these symptoms. Luckily CBD products could help with that!

CBD not only could have health benefits for humans, but for our pets as well. One of the main benefits is that it could help to reduce anxiety and helping calm our pets which is particularly useful during loud thunderstorms. These products could also help dogs suffering with anxiety or stress to sleep better. CBD has been known to improve sleep levels and reduce inflammation, bettering their health and leaving less worry for you, so everyone is happy.

October also hosts a number of days dedicated to celebrating our canine friends.

The 4th of October is World Animal Day, which aims to bring awareness regarding animal wellbeing. At Infused Pawfection animal wellbeing is our top priority and our products reflect this. Not only do they help with stress and anxiety as stated before, but they could also help with the overall health of your pet, from pain relief to a healthier coat, there could be many benefits to using our CBD products for your furry pals.

On the 12th of October will be National Pet Obesity Awreness Day. CBD could help improve digestion in pets. It has been known to regulate the digestive system, reducing symptoms of issues such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Furthermore, pets that are picky eaters or have a low appetite due to illness or medication may benefit from CBD. CBD has been known to stimulate the appetite in pets, making it easier for them to eat and get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

On the 22nd of October we will be celebrating Make A Dogs Day, so why not make your dogs day and treat them to some of the Infused Pawfection range?

Of course, do seek advice from your vet to ensure CBD is recommended for your pooch, and once you have the green light, head straight to Infused Pawfection for a wide range of cruelty free, natural goodies that could change yours and your pets lives for the better!



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