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November Blog

November marks an important month for many things relating to our furry friends and there is lots to talk about!

The whole month is Pet Cancer awareness month, and the 7th of November is National Canine Lymphoma awareness Day. If your pet is suffering from Cancer, our CBD products could help ease pains, if experiencing any, and make their illness more manageable.

This month is also National Pet Obesity awareness month. CBD, added to your pets food, could regulate a healthier eating pattern. What better day to try this out than on the 1st of November which is National Cook for your pets day!

So why not treat them to one of our products in their meals for a healthier appetite.

Also this month is National Senior Pet Month. At Infused Pawfection we know that having an elderly dog can be challenging for you and them, but once again our products could help. CBD oil is known to help with easing joint pains which is especially helpful for an older pooch.

November is also National Adoption Month with the 8th-14th being National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week. Adopting or rescuing a pet from a shelter is a brilliant thing to do, but comes with its own challenges. Many rescue animals can be prone to anxiety as they settle into new homes. CBD has been known to help calm and ease animals, making changes easier for them.

If your dog, rescue or not, is prone to anxiety our CBD products could be a good way to help with this, and there's no better time then now to treat them to one of our products as the 1st-7th of November is Animal Mental Health Awareness week with Bonfire Night falling in the middle. With all the fireworks and celebrations it may be a particularly challenging time for your furry friends.

Do seek advice from your vet to ensure CBD is recommended for your pooch before purchase. Once you do head over to Infused Pawfection for our wide range of products



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