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July Blog: Birthdays and Competitions!

July summer is finally here! And many other exciting things are happening this month for pet lovers.

The 18th of July is 'National Get to know your Customers Day' and here at Infused Pawfection customer care is very important to us!

We also will be celebrating 'National Dog Photography Day' on the 26th of July.

To celebrate both of these days, we have decided to host a competition!

It is open to all of our customers and is quick and easy to enter. Simply follow our instagram page @infused_pawfection and send in pictures of your pampered pooch alongside any of our products that you have tried for a chance to win an exciting prize!

We also have someone celebrating their 12th birthday this month, Rocco! (Pictured above). He is another beloved customer of ours with an equally heartfelt story.

He unfortunately suffered a vestibular attack followed shortly by a stroke. He was told he would likely never walk again yet his love for the outdoors stayed strong so his owners continued to walk him in a dog pram. Soon after they began to research into CBD products for dogs in order to improve Rocco’s quality of life.

He trialed some of our own CBD products and within weeks saw a massive improvement. Now three years later after being told he would likely never walk again, Rocco still enjoys his walks around the park with his sister.

Also on the 29th of this month, we are celebrating the 9th birthday of Emi.

Emi is a long time customer of Infused Pawfection and has another inspiring story.

In March 2020 Emi was unfortunately diagnosed with a spinal condition called Hemivertibra. This condition means her spine was deformed and squashing her spinal cord, causing pain and weakness to her back legs. A month later Emi had major surgery to pin her spine in place to prevent any further damage to her spinal cord. She recovered well but unfortunately due to initial damage already done to her spinal cord prior to surgery, she never regained full use of her back legs.

A year after her surgery, Emi unfortunately suffered a slipped disc in her neck. She spent 8 weeks on strict crate rest and strong meds and recovered well. Unfortunately 6 months later she suffered another slipped disc in a different place in her neck. Again, she spent many weeks on strict crate rest, but this time the pain was ongoing. Her previous spinal cord damage and the ongoing slipped discs meant Emi was in daily pain and discomfort. The vets weren’t sure what to do for the best. She was on many strong medications for pain but these medications were making her weak and her back legs were losing strength every day.

Emi’s owner then turned to CBD products to help her. Though skeptical at first, she tried it and within a few days noticed a considerable improvement in Emi. She was happier, brighter and wanted to run around again! Each day of taking CBD Oil she got stronger and stronger. CBD eased all of Emis pain and discomfort, with none of the nasty side effects the medications had. Fast forward almost 2 years of Emi taking CBD and she’s still doing amazingly. When Emi was first diagnosed it was believed she would probably lose all use of her back legs within 2 years. So we’re all absolutely over the moon that she is doing so well 4 years later. CBD is a miracle liquid for Emi, and she couldn’t be without it.

Our CBD products might just be what your dog needs to help improve their quality of life just as it has for Rocco, Emi and many others! They could help with numerous ailments from pain relief to helping calm them, from a healthier coat to anxiety relief.

Choose from our wide variety of products today and don’t forget our contest for this month! Submit a picture of your pampered pooch alongside one of our products to our instagram page for a chance to win a prize!



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