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Infused Pawfection CBD for Dogs - Incredibly effective, all natural, cruelty free pet products.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that CBD is hailed as a natural source of goodness for humans and animals alike, with a wide range of health and lifestyle benefits such as calming those prone to anxiety.

It can be a bit of a minefield and pretty confusing, but Infused Pawfection have made light work for pet parents with a coherent, all-natural, slick range of products all expertly formulated to make positive changes for you and your pooch.

Our pack of pooches are all wildly different in breed, personality, taste, and ailments. We have Pops, our very fussy senior dachshund with a history of joint and spinal issues. Pomegranate, our crazy, highly strung rescue Pomeranian. Puggy Smalls, a super mellow pug who has had his fair share of respiratory and neurological issues and our newest addition, YumYum, a carefree, wild ball of energy! We were very curious to see how CBD could benefit our pack and we are chuffed to bits with the results thus far!

Pops was the most in need of CBD. She’s almost eleven years old, suffers with arthritis and has undergone her second major spinal surgery last year. She was the perfect candidate to benefit from CBD and after slowly introducing her to the Alaskan salmon and CBD tincture we have really noticed a change. She has a small dose each day with her meal, and if she has had a busy day, been on a walk or to hydrotherapy, we give her a few extra drops before bed, to help her little body rest up and allow the CBD to work its inflammatory magic on her ageing joints. Pops is very fussy by nature, but she gobbles up this oil in seconds as its fishy taste is irresistible to her, so good in fact, she will even take it on its own.

Its jam packed with goodness including, CBD combined with Omega 3, 6 and 9. We have seen incredible results in such a short time, including improved joint mobility, less anxiety and her thinning fur is definitely looking more luscious!

Secondly, our anxious little Pomegranate. Pommie is a rescue and although she’s been with us a few years now, still gets never nervous around new people and dogs, making walkies tricky at times! We have been giving her a few drops of the Alaskan Salmon and CBD tincture before her daily walkies and have found that she is much happier in herself, much more confident and engaged, making training, and meeting new dogs a much easier, more enjoyable experience for all of us. Her fur is her crowning glory, with enviable floof, so we are also giving this to her to ensure her mane remains in great shape as she ages.

Little Pomegranate has always had very teary eyes. After a referral to an eye specialist last year, she had a procedure to enlarge her tear ducts to stop them being so sore. Although this helped enormously and she is no longer in pain, we have noticed tear staining is still an issue which can irritate Pommie.

We were thrilled to discover a CBD tear stain remover by Infused Pawfection and have been using it daily for the past week. Pommies tear stains are slowly but surely improving, and she is visibly more comfortable and hasn’t been pawing and scratching at her eyes and snout for the past few days. If these are the results in just a week, we are so excited to see the benefits play out long term, and this has become a staple product for us, that we will never be without!

Puggy attends weekly hydrotherapy sessions to keep him mobile and active as he has an issue with his spine. Puggy has a salmon allergy so the Alaskan Salmon CBD tincture was off the cards. But Infused Pawfection were one step ahead and encouraged us to try the fish free alternative, the CBD Tincture.

It’s helping Puggy with his mobility and keeps him super calm and anxiety free, which is important to us as he is deaf and can show signs of anxiety especially at night-time. Puggy has been sleeping soundly with the help of the CBD Tincture and his hydro therapists have even commented on how much more active and stronger he is looking in the tank!

Infused Pawfection CBD products have been game changers for our fur family for so many different reasons. They offer a whole range of goodies, not just CBD oil. We have been using the CBD nose and paw butter on every dog religiously since it arrived. It’s a super smooth, easy to apply formula with shea butter, vitamin e and hemp seed. Perfect for the cry cracked paws and rough nosed all our dogs suffer with – especially in the winter months.

My absolute favourite product from the entire range is the hypoallergenic doggy CBD bath bombs. Ours all love bath time, and it’s such a lovely way to pamper them and get a whole load of CBD goodness into their skin and fur. They smell totally delicious and it's ideal for Puggy after a hydrotherapy session, and for Pops who has dry skin and a very thin coat.

Finally, the CBD tooth cleaner! Yes, you heard that right – and its brilliant! The cleaner comes in the form of a paste along with a very handy finger brush which is easy to use. This paste improves bad breath and oral hygiene, reduces plaque build-up, reduces anxiety, and tastes delicious! All four of our pooches had a tooth clean last week and all four really enjoyed the taste and were licking at the tub for more!

This quality product range has won us over and they have guaranteed us as repeat customers for life. If you’re looking for a natural, quality product to benefit your dog’s overall health and target specific issue then we genuinely cannot recommend Infused Pawfection enough.

Of course, do seek advice from your vet to ensure CBD is recommended for your pooch, and once you have the green light, head straight to Infused Pawfection CBD for a wide range of cruelty free, natural goodies that will change your lives for the better!

We won’t ever be without it!

Snackies out of 10? 11/10 will use again and again and again!

Top Tip! Use code PUGGY20 for a tasty 20% off the entire range!



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