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Halloween Blog

As October draws to an end, spooky season approaches! As well as ghost and ghouls spooking us humans, this time of year can be just as scary for our precious pooches.

With both Halloween and Bonfire Night coming next week it may be a trying time for your pets. Loud bangs and bright lights from the fireworks can scare even the bravest of dogs and this time of the year they are nearly unavoidable. However, our Infused Pawfection CBD products could help!

CBD oils have been known to help calm dogs and reduce stress and anxiety. This is especially helpful this time of year as firework displays become more frequent. Furthermore, this can also help your furry friend sleep well through the night, allowing for a healthier routine for both you and them.

Our CBD products can be enjoyed in a variety of ways by your pet. From oils to bath bombs. Even a delicious puppuccino perfect for this time of year.

Here's Paris enjoying a puppuccino made with Infused Pawfection CBD oils!

Our products could also help with your dogs maintain a healthier coat. This is especially helpful as the weather continues to turn colder to keep your pets healthy and warm during winter.

So why not treat your doggy pal this Halloween with some of our range of CBD products for a happier winter. Help them relax during fireworks and stay warm with healthier coats.

Of course, do seek advice from your vet to ensure CBD is recommended for your pooch before purchase. Once you do head over to Infused Pawfection for our wide range of products that could help you and your dog through this spooky season.

Happy Halloween from Infused Pawfection.



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